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Today: Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Single Greatest Desire

One thing have I desired of the Lord.
PSALM 27:4

Adversity always seemed to bring out the best in David. Whether pursued by Saul or betrayed by family, his soul longed for Gods power and presence to sustain him through fears, doubts, and temptations. Psalm 27 gives insight into that devout heart that could be content in any situation as long as his experience of Gods fellowship was real. Dwelling constantly in the Lords house ought to be the single greatest desire for every Christian. The benefits of the abiding presence of the Lord are far more important than the form of the dwelling place. Whether a kingly palace, common tent, or cave in the wilderness, any place can be the house of God when the Lord is present. Too often we judge the measure of Gods presence by the nature of our circumstances. Walking by sight will never lead to satisfaction.

Two things happen when we earnestly and persistently seek after the Lord: we behold His beauty, and we inquire after Him. To behold means to gaze with our eyes fixed on a special object. The special object of our gaze is the beauty, the pleasant delightfulness, of the Lord. As the bridegroom finds joy in the bride, so should we see the grace and goodness of our Lord. To inquire means to meditate, contemplate, and reflect. We should be preoccupied with our God. All our wants and wishes should converge in Him. If our minds and hearts are filled with Him by faith, then we, like devout David, can know true happiness in the Lord, who is our light and salvation.

If there is anything in your life more demanding than your longing after God, then you will never be a Spirit-filled Christian.
A. W. Tozer

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