Daily Devotional from Eagles' Wings
Today: Friday, September 20, 2019

Valiant for the Truth

Buy the truth, and sell it not.

What a great stir Christian and Faithful provoked in Vanity Fair! It was crowded with merry people, busily engaged in buying trifles. These held no interest to the pilgrims. One merchant, mockingly, beholding the carriage of the men, said unto them, what will ye buy? But they, looking gravely upon him said, We buy the truth.

The Scriptures alone are absolute truth, essential truth, authoritative truth, undiluted truth, and eternal truth. How precious to the Christian! It is the word of truth, the gospel of his salvation (Eph. 1:13). It is the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus our Lord (Phil. 3:8). Who can put a value on it? It is beyond price.

This treasure, the Christian is to make truly his own. As Will Houghton put it, Lay hold on the Bible until the Bible lays hold on you. It is only by prayerful, patient, and persevering study that the mine of divine revelation will yield the golden nuggets of truth. Tell me, Christian, how much of the unbounded ocean of Scripture is yet uncharted? How much of the vast continent of Holy Writ is yet to be explored? Cry prayerfully, That which I see not, teach Thou me.

Having obtained this treasure, sell it not! Every temptation is a persuasion to sell the truth. Do not barter it for anything this world has to offer. Give not an hairbreadth of truth away, for it is not yours but Gods (Samuel Rutherford). The Bible in your hand is a blood-stained volume. It is the precious legacy of the martyrs of Jesus, those who prized the truth above life itself. I have settled myself through the strength of Gods Holy Spirit, patiently to pass through the torments and extremities of the fire now prepared for me, rather than to deny the truth of Gods Word (John Hooper, Bishop of Gloucester, at his martyrdom).

We must read our Bibles like men digging for hidden treasure.
J. C. Ryle

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