Daily Devotional from Eagles' Wings
Today: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Strength for Warfare

Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
Ephesians 6:10

David and his men returned to their home in Ziklag only to find their houses burned to the ground and their families taken captive (I Sam. 30:1-6). They could not appeal to the local government for help, because at this point in his life David was rejected by the Philistines and a fugitive from Israel. Even worse, Davids men, who had stood by him in the midst of other grave difficulties, in this situation spoke of stoning him. It was in this crisis that we read that David encouraged [or, more literally, strengthened] himself in the Lord his God (v. 6).

Now Paul commands us, like David of old, to be strong in the Lord. This is not advice from an armchair theologian but from a great warrior for Christ. In Ephesus the demon declared, Jesus I know, and Paul I know (Acts 19:15). The powers of hell lost many a conflict to this soldier. It is this same Paul who says, Be strong in the Lord. In earlier chapters of this epistle to the Ephesians he tells us that to be in Christ is to be chosen (1:4), forgiven (1:7), quickened (2:5), raised (2:6), and seated with Christ (2:6). But we must go further than mere intellectual apprehension of these truths; we must by faith embrace them. After David strengthened himself in the Lord, he then was able to conquer his enemies. When we lay hold of Christ and what we are in Him, we will conquer as David did.

Paul also admonishes us to lay hold of the power that is available to the believer because he is in Christ. The strength of Christs might is omnipotence. This power is communicated to the believer through the Holy Spirit. Therefore let us seek to be filled with the Spirit of Christ (5:18).

Get God's arm, wherewith to wield His armour, and then you may do anything.
John Trapp

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