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Today: Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Pearl of Psalms

The Lord is my shepherd.
PSALM 23:1

No psalm is more familiar or precious to saints than the twenty-third. It has blessed and comforted Gods people since David first sang it on the Judaean hills. In trial or in prosperity, its message is timeless and universal for the trusting saint. It speaks to us of Gods providential care and His gracious provision for us in and through the Lord Jesus Christ.

That the Lord is our Shepherd reminds us that we are His possession and that He will provide for us, protect us, and guide us. He provides rest for the weary. In His order, rest precedes activity. Since the place of rest is the place of Gods presence, this order is essential. Only as we enjoy these habitations of peace and waters of rest can we negotiate the daily course of life with spiritual success.

He renews us. When we are weak, He strengthens. When we are sinful, He sanctifies. When we are sorrowful, He satisfies. He guides us. There is no risk of losing our way, because He leads along straight, clearly marked tracks. By His Word and by His providence, He makes the way clear. He protects us. Sometimes those straight paths lead through deep, dark valleys. But even here our pace is steady, because His presence keeps danger away from us and us away from danger. He secures our peace. As our gracious host, He invites us to a victory celebration. Even though the enemy may surround us, He guarantees our safety and turns seeming defeat to triumph. He shows us friendship. His benevolent loyalty is constantly hunting and pursuing us. To be overtaken by this swift pursuer is to experience the joy of unceasing fellowship in the presence of the Lord.

Our Shepherd goes before us and His sheep-dogs goodness and mercycome behind us, so that we need fear no attack from any direction.
Alexander Simpson

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