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Today: Friday, April 28, 2017

The Year of Jubilee

Cause the trumpet of the jubile to sound.

In ancient Israel, after seven sabbaths of years, the fiftieth year was declared the Year of Jubilee. It began at the close of the Day of Atonement with the sounding of the trumpet. The holy convocations of Leviticus provide us with a picture gallery of Christ and the work of redemption. The Jubilee is a reminder of the great day when the trump of God shall sound and the eternal sabbath of rest in heaven begins.

It is a period of rest. The battles have all been fought. The sweat and tears are forever wiped away. All toil is ended, and the believer enters into that everlasting rest that remains for the people of God.

It is a period of restitution. Property in Israel that had been sold or alienated was returned to the original owners in the Year of Jubilee. Man in this present world is a dispossessed proprietor. He received much from God at creation, but lost it in the fall. Christ has redeemed His people, restoring what was lost.

It is a period of release. Chains were broken, prison doors opened, and captives set free. At the trump of God, tombs will burst and imprisoned bodies will be eternally freed. From sea floor and mountain top, and all places between, the resurrected bodies of dead saints will come forth in glorious liberty.

It is a period of reunion. In the Year of Jubilee the members of scattered families joined together in happy reunion. What a joyous occasion it will be when all the dispersed members of Gods redeemed family will meet in heaven. What a glorious prospect!

It is a period of refreshment. There was no sowing or reaping, but the enjoyment of an abundant supply. The Israelites made preparation ahead of time for the Jubilee. On earth we are to lay up treasure in heaven. Dear Christian friend, sow today in righteousness and reap in mercy. The Lord will miss no deed of kindness done in His name. And listen for the trumpet sound; it may soon be heard.

In heaven is no warfare but all well-fare.
John Boys

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