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Today: Thursday, March 23, 2017

Blindness Banished by the Light of the World

One thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.
JOHN 9:25

Robbery is the devils art. Satan and his children ever seek to steal away the faith of Gods children. While the Christian will be unable to explain every aspect of the operation of Gods saving grace, his new spiritual light will make him resolute in his faith. The public may be totally sceptical of the scientists claims before the experiment, but who will refute his findings when the results are clear for all to see? Many who could never hope to comprehend the intricate steps of the experimental process may nonetheless feel the benefits of the visible results and derive great comfort from them in daily life.

Reformed theologians agree that regeneration is executed by the direct operation of the Holy Spirit upon the human heart. It is the influence of one of the trinitarian Persons upon a human person. This definition rules out and sweeps away any instrumentality, whether it be preacher, priest, or church rite. Regeneration is the immediate act of God.

This divine act plants spiritual life into a dead soul. God savingly enlightens the mind naturally darkened by sin. This is the only answer to mans awful blindness. At the fall of man his eyes were put out, but in the miracle of the new birth God in grace restores his spiritual eyesight.

Theologians may be unable to explain this doctrine fully, but the ungodly cannot dismiss it on that account because hosts of Gods people can testify from experience, Whereas I was blind, now I see. The laws of electricity are above the minds of many who daily flip the electrical switch for light. When the world would rob the Christian of his faith in Christ, he may not have enough theological knowledge to answer every question, but of the enlightening power of the gospel he is certain. Who can argue against the light?

One man with a glowing experience of God is worth a library full of arguments.
Vance Havner

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