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Let us tell you more about the FPCNA

The Free Presbyterian Church of North America is the fruit of the vision and ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster (Northern Ireland). That church was formed in 1951 as a testimony to the historic faith of Presbyterians, a faith that emphasized the inspiration and authority of Scripture against the liberal, rationalist infidelity that had made serious inroads into Presbyterianism in Ireland and most other places.

From its inception, the Free Presbyterian Church has been Protestant in its convictions, Presbyterian in its government, Reformed in its theology, separatist (that is, anti-ecumenical) in its stand, and fervently evangelistic in its outreach.

The booklet Separated Unto the Gospel contains responses to frequent requests from people interested in the Free Presbyterian Church for a concise description of our ministry and message. We have sought to present the material positively and briefly, and yet with sufficient detail to give a real insight into our stand on matters of doctrinal and practical importance.

Thank you for your interest in our ministry. We trust the reading of this little booklet will bring blessing to you and honor to our triune God.

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